Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Earning Through Computer’s - The Truth Behind

3 years ago when I didn’t had a computer, I wanted one merely for earning money. I had made various plans for using each and every part of computer to earn. But circumstances made fate against me. Following is the account on how my each plan ‘choked’ to death.

1) Three and half years ago, a company named Atlantis came to market, which was into data transcription work. It offered Rs. 750 ( $ 17 approx) for converting each CD of PDF files to .doc format. But to be its employee one had to submit Rs. 1000 ($ 23 approx) as security deposit. I thought that the work offered was very easy but didn’t had enough money for security deposit. I would have done the work from anywhere including my friends computer ( I didn’t owned one then) . But I wanted privacy and didn’t wanted anyone to know that I was in data transcription work. After 4-5 month of ‘begging’ to my father to bring a PC , I eventually got one. It was a second hand PIII 500 Mhz with 64 MB RAM (we are not financially very strong , just enough to live a good life ) The configuration was enough for me. That day when I came back from school , I had 2 surprises waiting for me. First, my father finally bought a PC and second , the company ,in which I wanted to work, has fled with millions of its workers money. I didn’t knew whether to curse or thank my fate. In this 4-5 month I could have made some money as many did. But thanks to God , I learned a lesson.
2) I had seen many shops selling mp3’s and game CD’s at throwaway prices (Piracy here!!!) .I too wanted to join the trade by selling pirated CD’s . Once again I had to beg in front of my father to have CD burner installed. In few days , I got a brand new burner! . Dad thought of installing it himself. It looked a pretty easy job to him and his colleague . When I came back from school , I had the surprise of a burner ‘being installed by my father’! They did the wirework reading the instruction manual. When I switched on my PC , the only thing visible on the monitor was the error message, “Please check your display cable”. Everything re-wired and the same message was seen again. Finally a engineer was called to look after the problem. The engineer after looking the whole CPU thoroughly couldn’t find any problem. He took it to his workshop to figure the fault. After few hours he called up and gave the bad news. The processor had blown due to extreme heat. The culprit was the CPU fan. It was P I fan cooling a P III processor! Thus we had to have a major upgrade and I was without my PC for few day. But patience finally paid off. I got a brand new CPU with ASUS motherboard and AMD Sempron processor. After such a bad experience I gave up the idea of trading pirated CD’s.
3) After having heard and reading about Google Adsense, I thought of giving it a try. A lot of articles published in newspaper talked about success stories of people earning through adsense. I thought even I could make to the ‘rag to riches’ story. I needed a website to start this so I started working one. It was merely an experiment and I didn’t wanted to spend a penny on it ( domain name, hosting et all ) . After coding and designing for few days my website was ready. It was about computer hardware basics ( logic gates etc) . I spent hours researching how to configure my site for ads and earn through it. And Tada! My site was ready with working ads.
For months I tried to promote it by mouth , but to no avail. The only visitor on my site was I ! I asked my friends and relatives to check out my new website. After 3 months of hard work all I could earn was $12. I can’t even get that amount transferred to me .( they don’t pay below $100 ). In anger I left my website and also forgot one of the conditions of hosting company. It said “The website will be closed if there are no visitor for 2 months”. After 3 months when I closed the website , I got a ‘page not found’ error. My whole plan came crashing down in front of my eyes. My website and my earning machine was gone!

There may be some success stories but they are very less as compared to failures. I have advice to anyone who is new and is trying to earn through web “ Please don’t get into this. You can try this but also have some alternate source of income. It may take some time to make you a millionaire using the web”

This is my fourth attempt in earning some bucks , may be people will appreciate my post and other upcoming posts. I am still using adsense (maybe my earning may increase from $12).

Since this is my first attempt at blogging , I would like you all to comment about everything including design of page , grammar , style etc . Anything is welcome.